Art by Dan Caplan


Thanks for visiting my site!  The “Artwork” tab at the top will take you to samples of my work, which are primarily black and white “shooting ‘boards” used in the production of feature films, episodic TV, and commercials. More recent work will be featured, but some will be selected from my more than 20 years of experience in the field. You will also find some of my personal drawings and paintings.  Click on the “Credits” tab to see a list of the many productions on which I have worked.

Whether storyboards are needed for a 30 second ad or a 3 hour film, they provide a first look at how the story will unfold on screen, ideally bringing together all of the elements necessary to realize the creative vision. So regardless of the end use, these samples will cover a  variety of  imagery such as  cars, people, products, visual effects, landscape, architecture, etc.



key frames
set sketches
life drawing